Ivy International Piano Competition:

  • Angela Wu – 1st Prize (14-17 group)

International Young Artists Piano Competition:

  • Group 4: Hannah Zhang – 2nd prize
  • Group 5: Ethan Hsiao – 2nd prize, Andrew Zhang – honorable mention

Knabe International Piano Competition:

  • Ethan Hsiao – 3rd place

Washington National Youth Music Competition:

  • Grades 9-10: Ethan Hsiao -winner
  • Grades 11-12: Angela Wu – winner
  • Best performer Prize: Ethan Hsiao

Gottlieb competition:

  • Group B: Caleb Wen – 1st place
  • Group E: Kana Puttkammer – honorable mention
  • Group F: Shuchi Tyagi  – honorable mention
  • Group I: Harrison Benford- 1st place, Justin Chen- honorable mention
  • Group J: Sean Li – 2nd place
  • Group K: Daniel Liu- 1st place
  • Group L: Carina Guo- 3rd place, Sahana Ramesh – honorable mention
  • Group Q: Ethan Hsiao- 1st place
  • Group R: Andrew Zhang- 1st place
  • Group S: Angela Wu – 1st place

Doris Chase Sonata Award (Beethoven):

  • Rose Wen-2nd place
  • Harrison Benford -3rd place
  • Jason Liu- honorable mention
  • Daniel Liu -honorable mention

Doris Chase Sonata Award (Mozart):

  • Hannah Zhang – honorable mention

Junior Distinguished Music Achievement Award (MSMTA):

  • Carina Guo,
  • Daniel Liu,
  • Jason Liu,
  • Nicholas Qiu
  • Rose Wen
  • Hannah Zhang

Hartman Awards results:

  • Group 9A: Caleb Wen – 2nd place
  • Group 9 B: Angela Xiang- 2nd place
  • Group 13 A: Jason Liu – 1st place, Sean Li – honorable mention
  • Group 13 B: Daniel Liu – honorable mention
  • Group 13 C: Harrison Benford – 1st place
  • Group 14-15 A: Sahana Ramesh – 1st place
  • Group 17-18: Angela Wu – 2nd place

MSMTA Spring Festival results:

  • 1st place: Anastasia Fitenko, Justin Chen, Sean Li, Daniel Liu, Kana Puttkammer, Nicholas Qiu, Sahana Ramesh, Nishka Parikh, Shuchi Tyagi, Angela Wu, Rose Wen, Andrew Zhang, Hannah Zhang
  • 2nd place: Carina Guo
  • 3rd place: Jason Liu, Caleb Wen, Mengtong Xiang

International Young Artists Piano Competition selected for Final round:

  • Group 4: Hannah Zhang
  • Group 5: Ethan Hsiao, Andrew Zhang

American Fine Arts Festival Season Winners (will be performing in Carnegie Hall):

  • Nishka Parikh
  • Sahana Ramesh

Friday Morning Music Club Competition results:

  • 2nd Prize ($700): Angela Wu
  • 3rd Prize ($500): Ethan Hsiao

E. R. Davis High School Competition results:

  • Grade 9-10: Ethan Hsiao – winner, Andrew Zhang – honorable mention
  • Grade 11-12: Angela Wu – 2nd place

Swarthout-Hayes High School Piano Competition:

  • Angela Wu – winner
  • Andrew Zhang – 3rd place

International YMAC competition:

  • Elementary 2 group: Kana Puttkammer – honorable mention
  • Junior group: Hannah Zhang – winner
  • Senior group: Angela Wu – winner

WMTA Judged Recital(March):

  • Selected for Honors: Jason Liu
  • Honorable mention: Angela Wu

MSMTA theory awards:

  • Intermediate (5 levels of 90% or above): Caleb Wen
  • Senior (5 levels of 90% or above including  Level 8): Nicholas Qiu, Sean Li
  • Distinguished (90% or above in Level 12): Ethan Hsiao, Nishka Parikh, Angela Wu, Andrew Zhang

WMTA Novik Concerto Competition:

  • Daniel Liu – finalist, honorable mention

WMTA Judged Recital(February):

  • Selected for Honors: Rose Wen

Young Artists Award (Piano Age 12-18):

  • Angela Wu – 1st place
  • Daniel Liu – 2nd place
  • Andrew Zhang – 3rd place

WMTA judged recital (January) results:

  • Selected for Honors: Justin Chen, Ethan Hsiao

MSMTA Concerto competition:


  • Junior I: Shuchi Tyagi (2nd Mvt)
  • Junior II: Sean Li (3rd Mvt)
  • Intermediate: Sahana Ramesh (2nd Mvt),
  • Intermediate: Rose Wen (3rd Mvt)


  • Junior I: Kana Puttkammer (3rd Mvt)
  • Junior II: Harrison Benford (1st Mvt)
  • Junior II: Nicholas Qiu (2nd Mvt)
  • Intermediate: Carina Guo (1st Mvt)

Honorable mentions:

  • Junior I: Caleb Wen (1st Mvt)
  • Advanced: Jonathan Lin (2nd Mvt)

MTNA competition (Eastern division):

  • Ethan Hsiao – honorable mention

WMTA judged recital:

  • Hannah Zhang- selected for Honors

MTNA competition results (DC):

  • Ethan Hsiao – winner
  • Andrew Zhang -honorable mention

AMSA international competition:

  • Junior Group: Carina Guo, Hannah Zhang – honorable mentions
  • Senior Group: Ethan Hsiao – 2nd place, Andrew Zhang – 3rd place

MSMTA Distinguished Music Award (Senior):

  • Jonathan Lin

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