Student Achievements 2009-10

WMTA Student Musicale participants: Ethan Hsiao, Tiffany Zhang, Sarah Ong, Katherine Liu, Jeannette Jiang, Samuel Ong, Georgina Carter, Nicolas Carter, Vivien Zhu, Yifan Fang, Peter Chang, Elizabeth Grace, Paydor, Liu, Anna An,

 MSMTA High School Exams:

  • Peter Chang: A+
  • Rongmei An A +

Theory Test: 22 students participated – 20 passed with a score over 90%

 American Asian Music Society International Competition:

  • Jeannette Jiang 1st Place
  • Samuel Ong 2nd Place

Kennedy Center Performance:

  • Jeannette Jiang

MCMTA Judged Recital Honor and Trophy:

  • Vivien Zhu

Maryland Concerto Competition:

  • Samuel Ong – Winner
  • Jeannette Jiang – Alternate Winner
  • Vivien Zhu – Honorable Mention

Performance with Chamber Players Orchestra:

  • Samuel Ong
  • Jeannette Jiang

Swarthout Competition:

  • Rongmei An – Honorable Mention

Hartman Piano Awards:

  • Samuel Ong 1st Place
  • Ethan Hsiao 1st Place
  • Rongmei An 1st Place
  • Peter Chang 3rd Place

Gottlieb Piano Competition:

  • Elizabeth Grace -1st Place,
  • Jeannette Jiang -1st Place
  • Vivien Zhu 2nd Place
  • Samuel Ong -Honorable Mention
  • Peter Chang -Honorable Mention
  • Paydor Liu -Honorable Mention

Doris Chase Sonata Award:

  • Elizabeth Grace 3rd Place

MSMTA Spring Festival

  • Peter Chang – 1st Place
  • Elizabeth Grace – 1st Place
  • Vivien Zhu – 1st Place
  • Ethan Hsiao- 1st Place
  • Samuel Ong – 1st Place
  • Jeannette Jiang – 1st Place
  • Kevin Jiang – 1st Place
  • Rongmei An – 3rd place
  • Tiffany Zhang – 3rd Place
  • Katherine Liu  – Honorable Mention
  • Paydor Liu – Honorable Mention.

 Theory Award and Trophy

  • Peter Chang

Distinguished Music Award Junior (Maryland State):

  • Paydor Liu

Distinguished Music Award Senior (Maryland State):

  • Peter Chang