Student Achievements 2010-11

WMTA Student Musicale participants:  Iris Guo, Ethan Hsiao, Tiffany Zhang, Alex Zhang , Jeannette Jiang, Saniya Han, Angela Wu, Georgina Carter, Vivien Zhu, Nancy Qin, Peter Chang, Elizabeth Grace, Paydor Liu.

Theory Test: 20 students participated, all passed with scores above 90%

Maryland Concerto Competition:

  • Vivien Zhu – Winner

Performance with Chamber Players Orchestra:

  • Vivien Zhu

Judged Recital od WMTA:

  • Winners: Saniya Han, Jeannette Jiang, Vivien Zhu
  • Honorable mention Samuel Ong, Ethan Hsiao

Honors Recital:

  • Saniya Han, Jeannette Jiang, Vivien Zhu

 Specialty Competition (Music of France):

  • 1st  Place: Samuel Ong, Vivien Zhu
  • 2nd place: Saniya Han
  • Ethan Hsiao – Honorable Mention, Jeannette Jiang

Rockville Competition for Piano and Strings:

  • Ethan Hsiao – winner of Elementary Level
  • Jeannette Jiang – winner of Intermediate Level
  • Elizabeth Grace – winner of Advanced Level

Hartman Piano Awards:

  • 1st Place Angela Wu, Vivien Zhu, Tiffany Zhang
  • 2nd Place Jeannette Jiang
  • Honarable mention: Elizabeth Grace,Peter Chang

Gottlieb Piano Competition:

  • 2nd Place: Tiffany Zhang
  • 3rd Place: Angela Wu , Paydor Liu, Vivien Zhu, Ethan Hsiao
  • Honorable Mentions Nancy Qin

Doris Chase Sonata Award:

  • 1st Place (Mozart) Jeannette Jiang

MSMTA Spring Festival:

  • 1st Place: Megan Li, Saniya Han Jeannette Jiang Samuel Ong Vivien Zhu Nancy Qin Kevin Jiang
  • 2nd Place: Jessica Jiang.  Angela Wu, Elizabeth Grace
  • 3rd Place: Ethan Hsiao, Paydor Liu
  • Honorable Mention: Winnie Wu , Tiffany Zhang

Senior Distinguished Music Award (Maryland State):

  • Peter Chang, Elizabeth Grace

Young Artists International Piano Competition Finalists:

  • Ethan Hsiao – Honorable Mention, Angela Wu
  • Vivien Zhu  -Honorable Mention, Samuel Ong

Theory Award:

  • Georgina Carter
  • Vivien Zhu