Student Achievements 2012-13

Carnegie Hall Weill Recital Hall Performance:

  • Angela Wu, Michelle  Tang, Jesse  Huang , Ethan Hsiao

Kennedy Center, Millennium Stage Performance: 

  • Ethan Hsiao, Vivien Zhu

Young Artists International Piano Competition Finals:

  • Group 3: Ethan Hsiao – Winner
  • Group 4: Vivien Zhu – Winner

American Asian Music Society International Competition:

  • Elementary Group2nd place: Ethan Hsiao, Michelle Tang
  • Intermediate Group
    • 3rd place: Saniya Han
    • Honorable mention: Angela Wu

Maryland Concerto Competition:

  • Junior I
    • Ethan Hsiao – winner (3rd Mvt)
    • Ethan Hsiao – alternate (1st Mvt)
    • Ethan Hsiao – alternate (2nd Mvt)
  • Junior II
    • Katherine Wu – winner (2nd Mvt)
    • Ethan Chen – alternate (2nd Mvt)
    • Saniya Han – honorable mention
  • Intermediate
    • Jeannette Jiang – winner (1st Mvt)
    • Samuel Ong – winner (2nd Mvt.)
    • Karina Aliyeva – alternate (3rd Mvt)
    • Nancy Qin – honorable mention (2nd Mvt)
  • Senior:
    • Jesse Huang – winner (3rd Mvt)
    • Vivien Zhu – honorable mention (2nd Mvt)

Performance with Chamber Players Orchestra: Ethan Hsiao, Katherine Wu, Jeannette Jiang, Samuel Ong, Jesse Huang

Bach Competition:

  • Elementary Groupwinners: Ethan Hsiao, Michelle Tang
  • Intermediate Group Iwinners: Saniya Han, Angela Wu
  • Intermediate Group IIwinner: Katherine Wu

Judged Recitals WMTA:

  • Recital #1: winner (selected for the Honors Recital): Vivien Zhu
  • Recital #2: winners (selected for the Honors Recital): Angela Wu, Saniya Han
  • Recital #3: winners (selected for the Honors Recital): Jeannette Jiang, Michelle Tang
  • Recital #4:
    • winner (selected for the Honors Recital): Ethan Chen
    • honorable mention: Nancy Qin
  • Recital #5: winner(selected for the Honors Recital): Karina Aliyeva

 Honors Recital:

  • Vivien Zhu, Angela Wu, Saniya Han, Michelle Tang, Jeannette Jiang, Ethan Chen, Karina Aliyeva

Swarthout HS Piano Competition:

  • 2nd Prize: Vivien Zhu

MD High School Piano Exam: Nancy Qin A+, Vivien Zhu A+

Rockville Competition for Piano and Strings:

Elementary Group:

  • 1st Place: Jessica Jiang, Kelly Tsai
  • 2nd Place: Jason Liu, Justin Chen

Intermediate Group:

  • 1st Place: Michelle Tang, Ethan Hsiao, Karina Aliyeva
  • 2nd Place: Angela Wu, Saniya Han, Tiffany Zhang
  • 3rd Place: Katherine Wu

Senior Group:

  • 1st Place: Nancy Qin, Paydor Liu

Selected for winners recital:

  • Karina Aliyeva

Rockville Competition Trophies:

  • Silver Trophy: Angela Wu,
  • Bronze Trophy: Michelle Tang, Jessica Jiang, Paydor Liu

MSMTA Spring Festival:

  • 1st Place: Karina Aliyeva, Ethan Chen, Ethan Hsiao, Jeannette Jiang,  Jonathan Lin, Jason Liu, Michelle Tang, Vivien Zhu
  • 2nd Place: Jesse Huang, Nancy Qin, Kelly Tsai, Katherine Wu, Tiffany Zhang
  • 3rd Place: Jessica Jiang, Samuel Ong, Paydor Liu,  Angela Wu
  • Honorable Mention: Justin Chen

Hartman Piano Awards:

  • 1st Place:  Jason Liu, Michelle Tang, Tiffany Zhang
  • 2nd Place: Jessica Jiang, Jonathan Lin, Katherine Wu, Nancy Qin
  • 3rd Place: Ethan Hsiao, Angela Wu, Vivien Zhu
  • Honorable mention: Karina Aliyeva, Samuel Ong

Gottlieb Piano Competition:

  • 1st Place:  Ethan Hsiao
  • 2nd Place: Saniya Han, Jeannette Jiang, Nancy Qin
  • 3rd Place: Justin Chen, Karina Aliyeva, Ethan Chen
  • Honorable mention: Katherine Wu, Samuel Ong, Viven Zhu, Paydor Liu

Doris Chase Sonata Award:

  • Mozart: Honorable Mention- Ethan Hsiao
  • Beethoven: 3rd Place: Angela Wu

 Music-Fest: Grand Prize (performance in Merkin Hall, NYC): Michelle Tang, Ethan Chen

American Fine Arts Festival season winners: (performance at the Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, NYC):

  • Ethan Hsiao, Michelle Tang, Angela Wu, Jeannette Jiang, Jesse Huang

Junior Distinguished Music Award (Maryland State):

  • Karina Aliyeva, Ethan Chen, Jeannette Jiang, Samuel Ong

Young Artists International Piano Competition selected for Finals (June 30):

  • Group 2: Jason Liu
  • Group 3: Ethan Hsiao, Michelle Tang
  • Group 4: Vivien Zhu, Katherine Wu , Karina Aliyeva

Young Artists International Piano Competition Finals

  • Group 3: Ethan Hsiao – Winner
  • Group 4: Vivien Zhu – Winner

WMTA Student Musicale:

  • Kelly Tsai, Jason Liu, Jessica Jiang, Justin Chen, Saniya Han, Angela Wu, Michelle Tang, Ethan Chen, Katherine Wu, Jonathan Lin,  Vivien Zhu, Nancy Qin, Samuel Ong, Karina Aliyeva 

Theory Test: 20 students participated, 25 tests taken, all 25 tests passed with scores above 90%, average score: 99.

Theory Trophy: (5 levels completed with 90% or higher): Saniya Han, Angela Wu, Tiffany Zhang, Katherine Wu, Karina Aliyeva, Jeannette Jiang, Samuel Ong, Ethan Chen, Nancy Qin, Paydor Liu