Student Achievements 2011-12

Recital at the Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, NYC:

  • Jeannette Jiang, Vivien Zhe, Karina Aliyeava

Young Artists International Piano Competition:

  • 2nd Place Ethan Hsiao
  • Honorable Mention: Jeannette Jiang, Karina Aliyeva
  • Best Chinese Piece piece: Jeannette Jiang

Russian Cultural Center Music Competition:

  • 1st place: Jeannette Jiang
  • 3rd place: Angela Wu, Vivien Zhu

Maryland Concerto Competition:

  • Angela Wu – Winner (Junior II)
  • Ethan Hsiao – Alternate Winner (Junior I)
  • Paydor Liu – Alternate Winner (Intermediate)

Montgomery County Concerto Competition:

  • Vivien Zhu- Winner (Advanced)

Performance with Chamber Players Orchestra:

  • Angela Wu, Vivien Zhu

Piano Ensemble Competition:

  • 1st place: Jessica & Jeannette Jiang, Samuel Ong & Paydor Liu, Viven Zhu & Nancy Qin
  • 3rd place: Justin & Ethan Chen

Judged Recital WMTA:

  • Ethan Hsiao – Winner
  • Angela Wu – Honorable mention
  • Jason Liu – Honorable mention

Honors Recital:

  • Ethan Hsiao

Rockville Competition for Piano and Strings:

  • 1st place: Karina Aliyeva (Intermediate), Paydor Liu (Advanced)
  • 2nd place: Ethan Hsiao (Elementary), Saniya Han, Angela Wu, Tiffany Zhang, Jeannete Jiang, Katherine Wu (Intermediate)
  • 3rd place: Jessica Jiang (Elementary), Eric Sun, Ethan Chen (Intermediate)
  • Honorable mention: Jonathan Lin, Vivien Zhu, Nancy Qin (Intermediate)

Hartman Piano Awards:

  • 1st place: Saniya Han, Jeannette Jiang
  • 2nd place: Karina Aliyeva, Jessica Jiang, Ethan Hsiao
  • 3rd place: Katherine Wu
  • Honorable mention: Jason Liu, Paydor Liu

Gottlieb Piano Competition:  

  • 1st place: Jason Liu, Tiffany Zhang
  • 2nd place: Saniya Han, Nancy Qin
  • 3rd place: Vivien Zhu
  • Honorable mention: Jessica Jiang, Ethan Hsiao, Angela Wu, Paydor Liu,        Katherine Wu, Ethan Chen

American Fine Arts Festival winners:
(performance at the Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, NYC)

  • Karina Aliyeva, Jeannette Jiang, Vivien Zhu

Doris Chase Sonata Award:

  • Honorable mention (Mozart) Vivien Zhu
  • Honorable mention (Beethoven); Karina Aliyeva

MSMTA Spring Festival:

  • 1st Place: Iris Guo, Jeannette Jiang, Jessica Jiang, Ethan Hsiao, Angela Wu
  • 2nd Place: Jonathan Lin, Paydor Liu, Katherine Wu
  • 3rd Place: Karina Aliyeva, Justin Chen, Jason Liu, Eric Sun, Alex Zhang, Tiffany Zhang, Vivien Zhu

Junior Distinguished Music Award (Maryland State):

  • Nancy Qin, Vivien Zhu

Young Artists International Piano Competition selected for Finals (June 30):

  • Ethan Hsiao , Vivien Zhu, Jeannette Jiang, Karina Aliyeva

WMTA Student Musicale participants:

  • Kelly Tsai, Iris Guo, Jason Liu, Ethan Hsiao, Tiffany Zhang, Alex Zhang, Jeannette Jiang, Jessica Jiang,  Saniya Han, Angela Wu, Katherine Wu, Eric Sun, Jonathan Lin,  Vivien Zhu, Nancy Qin, Paydor Liu.

Theory Test:

  • 20 students participated, 25 tests taken, 20 tests passed with scores above 90%,

Theory Trophy:
(5 tests completed with 90% or higher)

  • Ethan Hsiao